2017, i am alive.

It has been months I did not update my webpage. 2017 has been a fruitful year in my work. Seeing children benefit from  my work has bring contentment.

Children improve from : non verbal to have verbal, from don’t have the ability to have the ability to understand instructions,  from don’t follow instruction to follow instructions, from don’t know how to write to know how to write, from can’t recall words to able to recall words.

There are people asking me what therapy method I use in my work? I am just blessed to have the opportunity to learn therapy methods from the founder(s) of the method(s), so as the knowledge on how to apply what I have learned in a more effective way. There is no short cut but finding the right therapy method to fit into each unique child’s life is the key to unlock the child. I look beyond speech therapy , occupational therapy, behaviour therapy, sensory therapy, music therapy, sand play therapy to develop a child. Each child has their own individual/specific therapy needs. I have design the therapy session in according to the needs of each unique child.

Beyond imagination.

2015, I worked with a little girl age 3 plus, she was non responding when I first called her name. She is non verbal, she yet to have cognitive skill.  After therapy, she has improved from no skill to have skill to survive. Now she is able to communicate, to have social skills, to listen and to carry out instructions, to write , to count, to read. She only comes for an hour lesson per week. She is not accepted to preschool, her mom and I are working closely to develop her.

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