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Time flies and here I am trying to catch up to share my great experiences through my blog.

MiKi (6 years old) come to attend my therapy program in final quarter of the year.

Pre therapy:

MiKi has not been able to write in proper manner and no one is able to read what he wrote.

He is unable to draw simple picture, shows lacking in imagination.

Miki has limited reading ability with limited words power.

He has poor temper, his temper is like tsunami, no one knows when he will burst out.

He is afraid of thunder.

After therapy .

MiKi is able to write in proper manner, I am able to read what he wrote. He begins to show interest in drawing pictures. Upon drawing the picture, MiKi will share/tells the story of the picture he draws.  His has build up the imagination. By composing his own story, this has greatly shows the improvement of his creativity.

Along the therapy I do develop his vocabulary power. I always believe once his brain is make whole, other areas of development will come along . Through developing vocabulary power, his reading ability also has improve tremendously.

I could recall on one particular evening when MiKi’s dad sent him for therapy. MiKi  throws a huge tantrum. This is the first time I came across his tantrum. How to calm him down? I just kept silent and observe him, until he cools down . I have the confident MiKi will talk to me instead I go to approach him. Truthfully, MiKi asks me why I don’t talk to him when he has the tantrum. I look directly into his eyes and tell him I am afraid of him, his tantrum is like a lion, I am afraid to approach him. My answer has cheer him. We look at each other, then he burst out in laughter. I can feel the calm vibe in him. Then we carry on our lesson.

I have design a therapy that fits into his development needs, to prepare him to be accepted into international school environment, with his own independency without to hire a shadow aids teacher for him in school. The assessment went successfully, MiKi has been accepted to school. Now he is in Grade 2.

There is no short cut to develop a child, every experience I have with each unique children I work has sharpen my diagnosis skills and abilities to know how to design an effective program to fit into the need of each children.




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