Lerler – challenge

Nov 30. 2017

Time flies very fast, Lerler attend AMCDC therapy a year ago. He only attend an hour perweek. The first hour i work with Lerler, he only able to say a phrase “go to po po house”. Only a phrase of verbal i listen.

Pre therapy : Lerler has tip toe walking, no gripping ability unable to write, limited vocabulary in speech and read – go to popo house is what he knows. his temper is like a tsunami, you wont know when he will burst out. He is rather a firm child – society will name it staburn but i see it as a strong will child.

Post therapy: Lerler develop a good communication – he will express in verbal of what he needs, He  has a sense of humor too. He talks a lot , he will talk about his interest of Batman, Thomas train, animals topic too. He begin to like books. His pencil grip has improve. He is able to read, copy and  write the words.

It was a challenge to work with Lerler, I am thankful he has improve so much from a boy who has limited speech to a boy who has much verbal . He is able to communicate with me with understanding. Many time i negotiate with him for what i want him to do after he acquire writting skill. He is able to compromise to accept the task. Apart from that he also develop the joy to sing.

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