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Dec 1, 2017

A post i write but i yet to  publish

Miracle is what i will always say, to me all the improvement is a miracle from God.

Shin is age 6, at age of 5 months he has to undergo heart by pass, 2 year 7 months has to go another major operation to correct his tetralogy of fallot (TOF) with proximal artey stenosis) , at age  3 years 8 month  he went for a  CT scan . All his developmental has been delay. He

He yet to be able to understand instruction, no pincer grip, yet to verbal, yet to have academic / cognitive skill, yet to able to climb up stair case by himself, yet to be able to feed himself, his walking still yet to grounded with firm stability.

4 months ago i begin to work with him, an hour perweek. (4 hours per month). don’t ask me is this enough hour, at that moment this is the hour i can slot for him. Within 4 hours lesson, his mom begin to see a change in him. I also told his mom not to offend hospital therapy, so Shin also attend hospital therapy. The therapist in hospital was surprise to see the changes in him. Prior attend my lesson, Shin will cry each time he attend to hospital therapy. After attend my lesson, he no longer cry to attend therapy in hospital. He walks confidently into the therapy room.

Shin’s mom also updated that Shin begin able to take instruction within 4 hours lesson. Shin’s mom said before attend therapy with me, Shin unable to understand instruction but now he accept and understand instruction.



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