Shin- Journey 2-shine

August 1, 2018

It has been sometime i did not update my life journey with the child i work with . A dad come to me, he said i should update my work with children.

Here is the story about Shin. A journey of up and down in his improvement. There is a time he out of sudden keep fall on the ground. He was check into the hospital for further check up. After discharged he become very attached to his mother, he has a fear of his mother will leave him.

Amazingly after one lesson of therapy, his mother begin to see a light in Shin. he begin show the sign of improvement, his fears of mother will left him has subside. Up to now he has completely recover from those fears/ separation fears.

Feed back received from his mother. Shin begin to have verbal to address father and mother. Shin also able to make request when he is hungry. His understand of instruction also firm up. Shin is able to feed himself with snack compare to when he first come to me, he yet to able to feed himself. His mom also said when they went out for meal Shin is able to wait for her to finish her meal compare to before therapy, he cant wait, he will make noise. It is pleasing to know people surround Shin are able to his improvement.

eg. today i told him, sit down and don’t move here and there. Truely he sit down in obedient. There we start our therapy lesson. Amazingly he did not throw tantrum as he was before . i also saw his ability to climb stair case has improve, he no longer need much support, he is able to climb up stair case, so as to come down from staircase.

Many people has ask me what therapy technique i apply to improve a child. I can only tellĀ  them, my lesson is design in according to the need of the child in development. Every child’s lesson are different.

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