Time flies August 2018

August 1, 2018.

This year has been a challenge in my work with the children. Most of the children who come to me are serious children. Some has attended other therapy and yet to see much improvement. I truely thank God to send me to learn up therapy technique that is not practice by most of the therapy in country. It is a huge cost i have put in it. Thankfully those skill combine with prayer has become an atomic bomb in healing.

Apart from serving the preschooler, i have also extend my service to primary schooler who has yet to cope with their academic and other ability. I always share with clients/ parents, if a child is able to talk did not mean they don’t have learning challenges. Truely many primary schooler has learning challenges. Some their mom accept this facts, they begin to send child for therapy. This has help them to improve their ability in learning capacity.

Accepting the facts of a child’s in ability to cope in schooling  is the key for future excellent. Living in denial will just cause more harm to the child. The cost to upkeep and maintain an adult child is more costly than the cost for a preschooler. My apologize if my word has offend some parents who read this massage.

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