Yee Yee – a new begining

It has been sometime i would like to pen down the development of Yee Yee . In deed she is one of the miracle girl.

Three years ago when i first met Yee Yee. She even dont respond to her mom when her mom  call her. According to her mom, it was 1 out of 10 calls she maybe respond by look at her.

In my first met up (pre therapy) Yee Yee does not talk / no verbal speech, she do not understand instruction. she does not have eye contact. Academically she yet to acquire. she yet to have pincer grip. she is on dryper, she yet to have matching, sorting skill. Many skills which needed to have she yet to have. But one thing i am sure she will be make whole again.

I work on therapy to recover her brain. As Yee Yee’s brain recover,  her speech will be restore. Apart from therapy i also share with her mom on what are the follow up activities to do at home. The therapy lesson is design according to Yee Yee’s personal needs in development. Does she has formal diagnose by any specialist in child development? Off course yes. She was diagnose with Autism. Does Autism has cure ? i will not  debate on this but all i know i have to combine all my knowledge and skill to improve her. Does she improve? Yee Yee is look after by her grandma, off course  her mom did try to register her  to kinddies however no centrre want to accept her. Yee Yee attend my lesson an hour per week . We did have fun time in therapy. Does she improve ?


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