Shin-journey 3- new sign

August 15, 2018.

These two to three years i seldom update my post. I have invest much of my time in reading so as to sharpen my skill.

I am thankful for Shin’s improvement. His mom said prior therapy lesson with me. Both her and husband dare not have meal at the shop . Shin is unable to cope up with the environment and the level of noise or sound. After attend therapy, Shin is able to control himself. Both parents now are able to have meal in the shop. Shin’s grandparents also can see a change in Shin, he is able to understand instruction more. Shin is able to sit and wait for all to finish their meal .

I always tells parents get your child mentally prepare before they are expose to new environment. So before they went out to eat in shop , his motherĀ  get him prepare of what to expect when arrive at the shop. His mother will tell like a story to him. His mom said Shin less make tantrum, even if he made his mom will tell him “what have i said about to eat at the shop”. from there Shin cool down.

In regards to self help skill. Prior therapy Shin is unable to take food and place into the mouth. But now he can do it pretty well . He is ableĀ  to take food like biscuit and nuts to put into mouth. No his mom train him to feed himself. There are some amount of food he feed himself there are some drop on floor. For those food drop unto the floor Shin is not aware of it. However this few week he begin to realise that there are food drop unto the floor , he will try to pick up. It shows Shin is more aware of the surrounding.

let see what will comes up next .




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