K Ler – surprise 1

Oct 2018

Time passed too fast, I  am not a person who is good to pen down what I have work with the  children. All I know is the child have to improve each day thru my programme both in therapy and cognitive development. Thankfully i know both therapy and academic development, i will prepare a child to attend advance learning eg. into a mainstream homeschool, international school or a public school.

The first time i met Ler Ler, he is only able to say go to poh poh house. Pre therapy K Ler has tip toes, he did not recognize word, he yet to able to write, he has limited communication processing, he yet to have the ability to sit still. He will throw tantrum if he failed to get what he desire for. He also addict to mobile phone. There were so many lacking in him.

Post therapy . K Ler has improve his speech tremendously, he is able to comprehend speech with understanding. He develop pincer grip skill, he is able to write and read. He develop the ability to sit to follow lesson. His ability to recorgnised word has expand.  His understanding ability has improve.

I could recall there is an evening during therapy lesson, Kler ask for KFC, he was addicted to KFC.  According to his mom, he will throw anger if she did not took him for KFC. i came out with an ideas if K ler see sun i will took him for KFC. Mostly of the lesson time he dont see any sun. On one of the evening, he ask for KFC, my reply is did you see any sun? His reply is no, my response is so we are not going for KFC, do you remember what i say? if we see sun then we go for KFC. He listen and digest the conversation, then gave me a smile.


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