Yee Yee – mainstream

If you don’t give up you will success, Yee Yee has an amazing mom, this mom also a working mom, when she is in office, Yee Yee will be under the care of grandma. (Yee Yee’s mom’s mom). Yee Yee only come to my programme an hour per week. Since Yee Yee did not attend any pre or play school, it did not mean she don’t learn at home. I have share with her mom what to do , why to do? this mom has keep expand her home lesson for Yee Yee. This include Multi sensory which most parents has to pay a lot for this lesson.

This year Yee Yee is 6 years old, i advise her mom to let her to join the 5 years old lesson in the mainstream preschool (school for normal children). Thankful the preschool accept her to join the school. Prior send her to the preschool, we have get her prepare to join the mainstream preschool. She is toilet train, she is able to grip pencil. This two skill has ease the teacher who will teach her.

It is rather amaze to know Yee Yee has a strongĀ  and sharp in hearing. it is easy for her to identify the alphabet. I just read a word and i ask her to find the beginning sound of the words, she is able to find it. In my therapy i also work to see has her brain recover. She also has acquire the concept of mathematic in both counting and isolation prior she attend the preschool.


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