Rui Rui-1. awareness

Aug 16, 2018

Rui Rui -age 3 plus

When i first look into Rui Rui’s need in development. I notice he did not has parents child attachment. He seem did not realize who are his parents. Even for the first to see me, Rui Rui can just allow his parents to leave him with me. He did not make noise even he saw his parents walk out from my place. I also notice they way he manipulate learning tools and material is very rigid. for instant; arranging alphabet he insist he put in order sequence from A to Z. Let say i hide  alphabet “M”. He will just hang on  alphabet “L” till he found “M”. otherwise he will not proceed to N. He is able to name the alphabet . He also  don’t response to prompting. As usual most people will ask is RUI RUI an autism? As per his parents responses RUI RUi was diagnose as autism child. Is he an autism ? I do aware once a parents know their child is autism, they look so hopeless and lost. I advise them to change their mind set. Begin to have faith in God to heal Rui Rui.

I could recall my first hour working with him, both of us has to gone thru a lot of challenges moment. When come to table task, he refuse to follow what i told him to do. Instead of challenges with each others, I decide to start my therapy with him. It was amazing to see for the first lesson he begin to slowly blend into me. I am so confident to later part he will begin to mimic speech. I keep told his mother who is a mainstream school teach that RUi Rui will talk or mimic speech. A hope to his mom. However when will this day take place?




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