Rui Rui – 2 Awareness


The moment to wait for Rui to be able to mimic copy your spoken word / speech is rather challenging as no one know when will he begin to say those word . Our awaiting time turn into a miracle,  Rui now  begin to copy to say word that we ask him to say. Prior that Rui only able to recite alphabet in sequence. Rui also begin to sing nursery song though only in few phrases.  When i say Rui come here and sit down. Rui will say sit down . Rui now more cooperative , he listen and understand more compare to before therapy. i will say he is more obedient, cooperative compare to before therapy.

This week i purposely teach word with no picture to him. Word like “blouse , skirt, trouser, cupboard” .my objective is to see weather Rui is able to recorgnise those word i teach him.. Guess do you think he is able to recorgnise. ? Bear in mind Rui has not attend any phonic class before . Those word is beyond his age level of learning. i repeated the word twice. Then i lay down those words; i invite him to take the word “blouse” and give me, to my surprise he is able complete the task, he also copy to say those words . i believe RUI will be able to read ,sing and follow by communication xoon.





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