Shin-J4- understanding

August 24, 2018

I just enjoy to observe the developmental understanding of Shin about the environment surround him. Today he came i greet him despite he has yet to verbalise. He understand what I said. He came in with moody face. I approach him , I ask him what happened? Did brother beat you in Chinese as he understand Chinese more. Very quick he move his eyes  to look at his elder brother. This show he understand what I said . I did counter verify with his mom. Yes Shin’s brother did touch him while they were in the car on the drive to my place.

Shin now wants to do what he wants instead to follow what we ask him to do . He has his own thinking and desire. There are times I will follow His mood to give him lesson, there are time I want him to follow my lesson first. In this way Shin is lerning adaptation. No matter he likes or not he has to learn and to adap to th environment.

I notice his postural also improve compare to the previous, his hunch back has improve much , he is able to walk upright. His ability to walk up the stair case also firm up.

It was not an easy journey to work with Shin, as he is a heart disorder patient. Than kfully, his understand communication, so it was easy for his mom to take him out from home. I alway encourage his parent to take Shin to different place, different environment, different noise background. Thru this environment exploration , Shin  learn awareness and social skills.

My next task will be field trip : meal time with Shin and mom.









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