Rui-rui-3 miracle

August 30, 2018

Time just flies so fast. This week i work with Rui Rui again. He only come an hour perweek. An hour perweek how much can i know his improvement after each therapy I input for him? Each lesson he gave me a surprise. Today after the major work on the brain. I invite for the table task by saying  come here. Rui Rui reply “sit down”. Then he walk to the table task area and sit down on chair. This time i deliver word card reading, i just want to know has his brain recover to remember and recall what has been deliver to him despite he has limited speech in verbal .

Words that i deliver to him are divided into two sets ; first set “I can, we are, to see, open” and second set “down, walk, flannel, go up, pyjama.” According to his mom , all this words are new to him. My focus is to observe how focus he is and how accurate can he listen and capture the sound of the alphabet. It was astonish to me,  Rui is able to pick up the words that I mentioned to him.

Over the years of direct / hand on therapeutic with children has sharpen my skill with children. There is not short cut, but once the pathway is link up in the child. The child will continue to soar like eagles, in each lesson I can see a new things being developed in the child. As usual from the first day I hand on with children back in 2002, I always told parents being able to recite alphabet does not mean the child is able to read and write. Some child just parrot is speech -echo la la.



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