September 2018.

This month has been a challenging month. I have to see new cases. This new cases are interesting to me.

Case 1. boy age 3.

On the surface he looks smart, he seems know classification like animal, shapes, numbers, alphabet. As I interact with him, I begin to see he is memorising from the YouTube channel he watch. When I said the words “give me”, he has a tough time to copy my speech, I said with demonstration for him to understand. He also like to arrange thing is sequencing like number in sequence, shape from small to big, alphabet is sequence from A to Z, if he can’t get what he wants he will scream. Sound like autistic .

This boy also has the tendency to take all the educational materials without complete a task and place it back to the original place. Sound like adhd?

Case 2: child age 8 standard 2.

This boy yet to be able to  read. He is verbal , not parrot, able to reasoning communication, able to write . So what is his learning challenge ? Observing the way he sit , I told his parent that he is a boy who hardly can sit still, well if you can sit to listen , how can a child learn in school.? In general I don’t like to label a child. All i know what he is lacking I have to improve it , so that his cognitive, emotional,physical are match with his age.

Case 3: boy age 5.

This child attended preschool. He was diagnose as GDD from  doctors from child developmental specialist. First meet up boy did communicate with me, not parrot, pretty well verse in communication , understand what I tell him, cooperated with me. However when come to skill for readiness to formal school, he seem not ready. Despite of attend preschool , he yet to develop pincer grip , he yet to recognise alphabet,he yet to read, write and count  but next year he is age 6. Can a child with so much lacking be transform within a year? I do aware of the current primary school syllabus. So how ?

I begin to understand why my clients who is a school teacher ask me: why there were many year 1 primary school student unable to read?  Some time when a child who is able to talk did mean this child has not learning challenges, many time as an adult we have overlook it. There are children just memorising without recognise the word, they are children able to read but can’t comprehend, they are children able to read but yet to have verbal communication.

Well I look forward to October month. Let us see what will take place .



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