SThing 1

June  2018

Time passed by too fast. S Thing is being accepted into the mainstream in Standard 1 in 2018. S Thing is verbal, parents did not apply OKU card for her. However she has a lot of lacking / ability to cope with the challenges in year one lesson.


  1. Unable to have proper pincer gripping.
  2. Unable to read, write and count.
  3. Unable to follow movement.
  4. Lacking to understand communication processing .
  5. Postural disorder with hunch back
  6. In balance of strength for both leg.
  7. In ability to cross the mindline

Sthing come for therapy, first notice her mom observe is her communication processing has improved. She comes average 6 hours therapy permonth. After 6 months therapy. She  was schedule to have follow up with the developmental dr for evaluation. Does she scores in the evaluation? She does not score during evaluation. However, she has surprise the dr, after evaluation SThing explained to her mom of what the dr has asked her to do . I wont be surprise if she don’t score in the evaluation. Well, SThing only meet the dr six months once. Does both dr and SThing develop a trust in relationship? Will a child response to a strange?

As for me i have develop a trust relationship with SThing. She enjoyed to have dinner dates with me. Even in the dinner date i will correct her if needs arise.



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