Dec Year 2018.

December 2018,

Over the past months i have been very much focus on my work with children instead of update my journey with the children that i work with .

Dec, I  have travel to study neurosemsorimotor reflex intergration for children with learning challenges. It is a very hand on therapeutic lesson i attend . i should said this is my 8 modules of studies.

This module covers children with challenges of the belows;-

Children Displaying Aggressive Behaviour

Children Displaying Anxiety . Fear and Phobias

Chronic Delayed learners and Dysletic Children

Children Displaying “Laziness” and Low Motivation

Challenges with hyperactivity

Children Displaying Autism

Children Cerebral Palsy

Children Displaying Inhibited Mental Development .

The more i learn and hands on my work the more i see our human brain is a amazing , there are capable to do great thing by providing the right therapy. Our brain is modable, changeable or flexible in structure . Brain plasticity is the life long ability of the brain to reorgainse neural pathways base on new experiences.

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