KLipis-class 1

Dec  2018

All this case are a true story about my work with the respective child. i did not post pre and post therapy for the reason to protect the privacy and respect each child i work .  I cant denny that we human are more towards visual to determine an outcome.

Klipis is from Pahang.  He is age 5.  He is an adopted son . He went to thru two major operation to correct his feet and vision (eyes) prior age 5. He is vocal how ever he yet to able to recorgnise words and minima alphabet . He yet to able to sit still to follow instruction and lesson. Klipis is approximately 3 hours plus drive. Since due to the transportation  i have set a side a time on Saturday to have therapy classs with him.

Dec I manage to have two hour therapy with him. Guess what happened to him? Well to my surprise relative around him can see a changes in him. Klipis no longer move around, he is able to sit and listen. His postural also better instead of hunch when walking . His listening skill also sharpen with ability to comprehend the task given to him .

Many times when a child is able to talk in verbal we as adult think they don’t have issue in learning. We let them run thru the preschool for three years for some. When they are in grade one/ standard 1 , we  begin to realise the child has learning challenges . Over the years working. I am thankful for the child i work some are studying in mainstream school. some homeschool for normal children.




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