SThing part2

Nov 2018,

What next for Sthing.? i can only said time pass by too fast. Nov 2018 another evaluation for SThing. I was so sure she will get a positive feed back from the developmental dr. Truely she made it.

As the time passed by SThing develop pincer grip, the neurosensorimotor integration  therapy works well in SThing. Her finger begin to have  strength to hold and grip pencel .  She begin to trace shape to establish the foundation  concept of writing skills.

Over the years of working with children i have notice most of the children was not taught of the correct way to trace and draw shape. This subsequent affect their formation of writing skills.

Apart from this SThing’s memory to recall words has recover, she also begin to recognize alphabet and words. Her understand to comprehend language also comes in. This in direct has help her in her school academic. SThing has also cope up in her chinese reading .

I always told her mom, finding and getting the right therapist with the right therapy method will improve a child .

In November SThing went thru another assessment. This round she score . The development dr feedback to see her after one year. Awesome withing a year of therapy SThing has improve so much. Apart from cognitive improvement, her postural has also improved with recover of hunch back thru my therapy .


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