KLipis class 2

I begin my 2019 with a  praise report from KLipis’s dad about him. His dad was so thankful to find me to have therapy lesson for his son. Despite is an adopted son, this couple really work their best to develop their son. I was touch by their unconditional love to their son.

Feedback: Dad said son now listen to him more. eg his dad will ask him to do the school homework , Klipis will do it . Compared to before attend my therapy lesson, boy now react / response and follow instruction more . Klipis also smart, if the worksheet is prepare by his dad, he will not want to do it. If given by the preschool. he will happily do it.

Klipis yet to able to read word, write and count in association. How ever the therapy has develop his likeness in learning . Looking at his postural , Klipis has hunch back .


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