KLer surprise 2

Jan  2019

Time just passed by so fast. Kler once did stop to attend my therapy lesson due to his father’s friend wife did begin to work with special needs children. My advise to his mom is to obey the husband, husband is a leader of the family. No harmful to try what is offer by others. I am very sure Kler’s mom will send him back to me.  Truely after a month plus his mom ask to meet up and discuss about KLer. To my surprise Kler’s mom become so depress.

I treat my clients as a friends. We share much about child development and how to IEP programme for the child. How to help the child to achieve maxima potential in his development.

Year 2018, Kler is age 6, time for him to have a formal educatiom/school. I told his mom, if a school ask you to hire a shadow aids teacher for Kler, it shows Kler is not ready for formal education. My advise to her is to send Kler to normal homeschool . They found one for Kler. The school has approx 80 students and has accepted Kler with no shadow aids teacher needed.

Kler has development from a boy who only said “go to po po house into a boy who is able to generalise the conversation”.  Yesterday i ask Kler what happen to grandfather?

  • Kler : grandfather is in hospital.
  • me : why grandfather is admitted to hospital?
  • Kler : grandfather has pain in mouth , tongue.
  • me : is he sick?
  • Kler : yes he is .

Then Kler switch his brain into  laptop:

  • Kler : teacher  i did not lay mobile phone. i only play laptop.
  • me : Kler, we can not play laptop
  • KLer: i use for study.
  • me. great, only study you can use laptop.

Kler has develop from a boy who only said “go to po po house” into a boy who is able to  generalise the conversation. There is not shor cut , it is a hardwork between the parents to achieved’s result.

Awaiting for another news from  Kler’s  mom.

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