KLipis – class 3

I have been busy at work and studies . Klipis is a miracle case . He responds  to my therapy. His dad was the most happy dad.

Prior therapy


  1. He has not able to recognize alphabet. He has poor memory system. He has yet to have reading and writing ability.
  2. He has not develop pincer grip, he do not have the concept of stroke to write .
  3. He has communication processing disorder where he yet to able to processes questions with understanding .

Concentration :

  1. He is unable to sit still during school assembly time . He will walk around during assembly time.
  2. He has poor eye contact.
  3. He has poor postural balancing disorder.

Post therapy


  1. He has improve in overall development , within a month of attend class in mainstream pre school, he has develop the ability to recognize alphabet. His memory begin to function.
  2. His pincer grip has improved, he begin to understand concept and able to trace alphabet.
  3. Klipis’s communication processing has improved, he is able to process question and has two way communications.


  1. He is able to sit thru the assembly time for almost 30 minutes. He no longer walk around. His preschool teacher and school headmaster begin to see a change in him.
  2. He begin to have meaningful eye contact.
  3. His postural has also improved.



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