Klipis-class 4

June 1,2019

Time just pass by so fast. To my surprise KLipis is able to read and recognize word. He is not just recorgnised words but he can process communication well. He understand and follow instruction like so call normal children. Is this done for a child ?

Being able to cope with simple learning did not mean is done. I am working on the other motor skills. eg eating. is he able to chew food properly ? to my surprised he is lacking is this. Klipis was look after by a home care provider, the home care provider will blend most of the food she gave to him. Hence he was not expose much to solid food. By the time age of 4 his parents discover, they bring him home to look after. They being to give him simple solid food. There he begin to learn to chew. This also affect his speech ;- pronunciation. There were certain alphabet sound he unable to pronunciation. Hence many time he try to get it away. After i worked on oral facial therapy, his pronunciation has been improved.

Last Saturday i don’t have class with him: feedback from his father, his father said Klipis ask why don’t have  class with me?. This week on Friday night his dad told him that the next they will have to come to Kuala Lumpur to have class with me.  His father was surprise by 8pm plus KLipis  has went to bed. Next day Saturday by 4am plus KLipis has woke up.

This week we focus on postural and fine motor skill, so as attention span. I notice Klipis begin to have tracking, since he is able to name the alphabet, I begin with the root word for his to match and recorgnise. He did well despite those words is the first time i introduce to him. After introduce i invited him to read and write with me. i also invited him to listen what i said and to pen it down .


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