Shin understanding


Time just pass by too fast. Shin has keep improved, his ability to express his emotion go deeper. In the recent school holiday, Shin’s sibling came to town to stay with him. It was a surprise to see Shin felt jealous at his siblings when they talk to their mom. Each time his mom want to response his sibling, Shin will try to use his palm to cover her  mouth. Shin will also keep come near to his mom to pamper him. The little gesture of Shin has give hope to his mother.

Though he yet to have much verbal communication however he has acquire the ability to understand the communication processing.

His heart condition. It was a good new to hear from the heart specialist that Shin no longer need to go back for follow up in every six months. Shin is require to go back after two years.  His physiology has improve , he weight no longer in stagnant. His appetite has rise up. He is able to eat an adult portion of noodle . His ability to feed himself has also improved.

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