Jxian.grade 6

Aug, 2019

Time really passed by so fast. JXian now is in grade six. Though he has left the centre for 5 years. His parents and i still keep in touch with each others. His mom constant update me on his development. Down deep in my heart i felt thankful for this family trust my knowledge, experience, skill in child development. Guess what i get in return of all this update? His mom sent me his recent exam result.

Remember at the age of 7 years, JXian was not able to read, to write, to count. He spent three years in my centre with me. At the age of 10 he went to study in grade one. He was promoted from grade 3 to grade 5 too. His development is rather a miracle to me. Guess what he score in his grade 6 mid year exam? He manage to score 3.08 out of 4 mark (total).

I encourage him to pursue to grade 7, though certain people don’t think he is able to cope. We shall see what will be the next news from is mother.

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