I have been silent and slow down with my blog update. I am not a person who is good to pen down what is in my thought and the journey to work with children with learning challenges. Now I have to keep update my news.

Regret to inform that the friend who helped me to write this webpage has lost contact. Hence my webpage remain the same except the blog new which i can update.

I holds a believe that if a child is not deaf, the child will have speech. This believed be come a reality. The boy who i work with is age 10 now he begin to have verbal, he begin to recorgnised word, he is able to understand instruction, an organised boy too. I saw the smile of his father when he call his father “papa bye bye” . I did not realised the word “papa” is such meaningful word to a father. There is a hope is every child, if family find the right therapist.

This boy is not just improve in his speech, his cognitive , his addict to tablet also disappear. His behaviour also be transformed. i have not really update about this boy. I will update about him as i begin to write about my work with children since 2005.

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