Rui-Rui-super brain

Time just pass by so fast.

I have been working with RUI RUI, he is a smart boy. He has amazing brain, he is able to pick up reading faster than the so call normal children with speech/ communication.

RUI RUI join me with no reading ability, not even know who is his parent, no verbal. However I am thankful, now he is able to pick up reading. He is able to recognize to read words very fast, by just introduce one or two time he is able to recall. Eg words like, sunny day, raining day, Can a child read first then only have speech? To many expert, they said no. As for me I have come across few children, they develop reading ability first then only they begin their communication speech.

I always believe when a child’s reflexes are fully integrated with touch by God healing with take place hoslitic. Then follow up by the right therapy. Over the years i have cases went into mainstream without any shadow aids teacher.

As for RUI RUI, I am working on his ability to have hand fine motor pattern to support of motor abilities. I have also notice many young children develop the wrong patter of grip pencil.

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