YEAR 2019.

 Time just past by too fast . I have not been update any articles, spending most of my time in revise all the modules of studies I have took up for the past years.  

Over the 10 years hand on working with child with various learning challenges has taught me to discover new way to develop them.   Seeing them improve from my therapy modules is the greatest joy that money can’t purchase.

I ask myself what is the criteria for the diagnosis of ADHD

Six or more symptom of inability to sustain attention.

  • Cant sustain attention whilst performing a task (short attention) and easily distracted.
  • Often starts a task in rush but has difficulty in finishing it.
  • Makes careless mistakes in school work.
  • Doesn’t listen –for example ignored the formality of class or teacher’s social requests.
  • Can’t organize task
  • Avoids schoolwork
  • Loses things
  • Is always forgetful

Six or more symptom of hyperactivity or impulsivity .

  • Fidgeting or squirming
  • Keep leaving seat in class
  • On the go-runs around or climbs excessively ignorant of danger
  • Can not play  quietly, silly noise making
  • Talk excessively
  • Blurts out answers
  • Has difficulties in waiting for anything
  • Often interrupts or intrudes into the action of others
  • Pleased  to get negative attention
  • Class clown

For the diagnosis to be made the symptoms must have been present before the age of 7 years old. (symptoms are often present by age 3

Children with ADHD often have emotion difficulties such as moodiness, depression and irritability. The often have low frustration threshold, bad temper, are emotionally labile and have poor self image. Some often show aggressive and defiant  behavior which is hostile and confrontational.

When children are stressed, they cannot verbalise and express their emotions as well as we can , so it will come out in behavioral problems.

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