Yee Yee normalise

Time just past by so fast our little once just growth up so quick, has their age match with their soul, spirit, physical and age in development.?

Yee Yee is such an amazing girl, each time I revisit the first day I met her in my centre, she is without any skills, she even did not response to her parents call. She was diagnosed with autism. I guess when her mom first hear autism. Her world no longer so brighten.  All I know she has to improve as I work in the therapeutic. Yee Yee has a sacrificial mother, I can see the amount of hard work and sacrifices she made for the past 4 years has in return with a life long harvest.

As for now Yee Yee has improved tremendously, I could said she is so call normalize child. To cut my story short.

She is now able to read, to count, to write, to sing, to dance, to socialise to follow instructions  and to comprehend language. She also has self help skill with a compassion heart. One day I cut my finger, I show her.

Below is our conversation.

Me: Yee Yee don’t touch my finger.

Yee Yee : show me show me, why?

Me: I injured my finger, (I show her my finger)

Yee Yee : do you need help ?

Me: Thank you , Is ok still can manage

In our society , many of our children are lacking of compassion heart. What make them lack of compassion heart? Guess we have to rethink what went wrong in our learning system.

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