Carol- hope

Time don’t wait for us. The child just growth too fast. Many said once we miss the development milestone, we won’t able to get it back. Is that true?

Apart from work I enjoyed take photo for the young child. I knew photos are great memory in life.

This final quarter I work with a girl age 4 by name : carol(nick name) Carol yet to walk, she can’t stand by herself, her right hand has no strength, finger also no strength. Amazing in the assessment the grandparent can see a change in Carol.

Feedback received after the forth hours of therapy.(an hour per week)

Grandparent and her mother said Carol is more positive and initiative, She also begin to stand up.  After stand she begin to walk few steps for a start. Each improvement of the child I work is a great joy to me. I can’t help the whole world but at least I can help a child to have better quality of life.

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