In each year I will revisit the first time I met my boys and girls that I work.

Shin has an observance mother. She has instrumental update me of his development weekly after an hour therapy with me. Despite of limited verbal, Shin invents his own communication tools with his mom. I thought he is brilliant. His mom also able to understand him better. Prior all this development, Shin has no expression, he can’t understand language, but now he is able to understand when we talk to him. He now able to call his mother is mama, father is papa, when he want to eat he will said mun mun(in Chinese it mean eat).

School break- for the past school break, if Shin’s other sibling come to stay with him, he will felt cranky, uneasy, jealous. However in this November / December school break, the sibling came to stay with him, he no longer cranky, he begin to look for his brothers to play with him.

Self help skill- Shin begins to feed himself, compare to past month, he yet to be able to spoon to feed himself. Lately if he wants to pass urine, he will feel uneasy to pass on dryper, his mom has to take him to toilet to release it. All this development is the foundation of a child development for next level development.

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