Jonah- awareness- know

As the time passed by, Jonah kept progress from none responsive to responsive. Feedback from his grandparent.

  • Jonah is aware of the environment, each time after day care, when he came to the office he will walk to the grandfather. At least he know there is a grandfather exist compare to the time before therapy.
  • He also begin to have verbal with single word. When he needs help he will make request.
  • In one occasion after lesson, his grandfather place a bottle on the bench,  grandfather ask Jonah to carry the bottle. After Jonah put up his shoe, he took the bottle and followed his grandfather to the car.

There is one time I told Jonah to sit proper, then he reply “ta ta” (in  Chinese mean beat beat). Grand ma and I was surprise, we will assume may be that is the way the day care center communicate to him, “if you don’t sit, we will ta ta”.

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