Yee Yee excell

Dec 30, 2019

Time just flies.

It is to my surprise that Yee Yee is able to follow the so call normalize children to dance and perform for Christmas celebration.

Four years ago, she is none performance child. She even can’t do the below.

  • None verbal/ Talk/ Communication
  • No self help skill.
  • No pincer grip
  • Don’t know alphabet
  • No reading skill
  • No writing skill
  • No cutting skill

Many of the skills that require a child to survive, Yee Yee yet to develop in those day. However to now, she has acquired skill that will help her to excel  in the mainstream school.

Yee Yee only come to attend my class for therapy. Does she attend any speech and OT class ? No.

I share about home lesson to her mother, I share if the child is not ready, if you send her for speech, she will not learn as she was not ready.

Yee Yee has a wonderful working mother. This mom  is e very hard working. She has home lesson for Yee Yee. We cultivate the interest in learning for Yee Yee.  Learning and therapy must be fun.

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