Jan 3,2020

It has been three weeks I did not have lesson with Jonah . I travel out to upgrade myself and couple with Christmas break . Jonah also took a break after recover from fever.

This week I notice a calming moment of Jonah, after I input therapy to him, I have a table task for colour matching. He has make few mistake, his grandfather has correct him, to our surprise he did not make noise and throw tantrum on floor. Prior attend the therapy lesson, Jonah will make tantrum.

Well I have seen many child in the society who has speech, yet they do on the floor. It was amazingly that Jonah didn’t roll on the floor when being corrected.

In the therapy time I involve his grandparents. Really joyful to see he response well to his grandparents.

I even told Jonah to pass his play toy ice cream to his grandma, to our surprise he understand instruction.

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