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Dec , 2019.

A mom brought a son of age 6, he is due to attend to school, however the boy just don’t have attention . He don’t sit still, he keep moving around.

From my observation :

Ivan is able to communicate in 4 languages, he has the ability to comprehend languages. Wow I am amaze of his ability to develop 4 language eg : Bahasa Melayu, English, Mandarin and Cantonese . Sadly he yet to have ability to read and write.

I have seen other similarities children, they went to public school, their parents face challenges as they are unable to read and write. They attend public inclusive school.

As for me I am focusing on therapy that will develop and cultivate him like to learn new things. Today is the seven days I work with Him. Ivan begin to sit to follow lesson. I am surprise he has a good memory power. He is able to recall what I taught him. A boy who keep moving around became a boy who is able to accept instruction and sit to follow lessons.

Guess what happen today, I begin to deliver writing skills to him. He did not object, hence I gave him formation of writing. I go back to the basic . Notice he don’t have the concept of writing . Let see how quick will he pick up the skills. …I away told parents, if the child can talk it did not mean they don’t have learning issues.

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