Yee Yee- formal school

Each beginning of the year is challenging for all the parents in my country. If you are parent with special needs child, it will be more challenge. Where to send to the child who is due to attend school. What type of school . Homeschool? Public school? International school?

Guess what? Yee Yee was registered into the main public Malay school for year 1 by his father. Over the year we are focusing on one language :- English. Will she survived in a Bahasa background school.? I told her mom to give her at least 6 months for her to pick up the Bahasa language. This afternoon , I begin to coach her Bahasa, I begin to realise she has a special ability to learn new language . Feedback from her mom, so far she blends well in her school. Indirect she is in inclusive school. The current syllable in the school is just to high level.

There are time I ask my self , will this so call former special needs children cope up with their studies?…Well I am so confident Yee Yee will cope with this new environment.

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