Success .?

I have been working with children with learning challenges since 2011. The society may name Autism, ADD, ADHD, GDD, all kind of learning disorder.

They are children able to communicate in two way communication however they failed to cope up with school education.Parents will send the child for tuition class, yet the child can’t perform , may be score a marks of everage 55 to 65. If the roots caused of learning issues is not treated, no matter how many tuition invested, the child remain the same. Many parents will think that when a child is able to communicate, this mean they don’t have issues in learning. Many children is able to perform in the first three years, however when in year 4, their grades drop.

I am blessed to work with Ruth, in 2019 she was in grade 4. She score an average of 3.25 out of 4. She attend a mainstream homeschool. There were no shadow aids teacher hire for her. I suggested her dad to hire a tutor to oversea her school homework since both parents rarely have time to coach her on week day.

Over the year I have children blends into mainstream education. There were two win attend mainstream Chinese primary school, This twin didn’t attend any Mandarin class. The decision to send them to Chinese was in last minutes. Thankful both coping well. Both parents are non Chinese speaking . They hire tutor to coach them Chinese subjects.

As for me I classify success is a special needs child that I work with has went to into mainstream school with no shadow aids. Again different thinking.

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