Ivan- go for it

Feb , 2020

Time passed by too fast, Ivan begin interest in learning. His communication processing also improved. He no longer attend speech therapy and occupational therapy after attend my lesson.

Feedback from his mom, Ivan now begin to tell what he need to do at night in sequence instead of jumble up here and there. I told his mom don’t do teaching of academic at home, perhaps have board game at home to create more bonding and patient in Ivan. Board game has allow his dad who has cancer able to spend time with Ivan. Board game has also help Ivan in communication processing, the bonding time with his dad has help him to feel a sense of belonging.

Writing: I notice Ivan don’t have the proper stroke in writing despite he has attend two years kindergarten. He also yet to develop fine motor kills. January, i start lesson with him with light and easy, my focus is to cultivate his interest in learning. I believe when a child has the interest in learning, his self intrinsic will motivate him to learn. Off course along the way, I did therapy to improve his fine motor skills, i also do therapy to cut down his addiction to hook unto IPAD/ Tablet. :

Reading: Reading is a challenges, after attended two years kindergarten, Ivan yet to develop solid reading skill. Thankfully now he pick up his word recognising and reading ability . Building a strong foundation will last longer than use reward system for him to learn. Again is cultivate with input of therapy.

Eating : Ivan took an hour to eat a piece of bread. After therapy he is able to eat within the stipulate time I set for him. Something I am proud off. His chewing and swallow reflex getting better. This month he took approximately 25 to 30 minutes to finish it.

In regardless what diagnosis he is being label, my focus is to develop him become a functional boy to be able to blend into mainstream school.


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