Hong Hong-challenges

Feb 2020

This is the most challenging case I have to work. How will you feel when you were told that your child may not able to develop speech.? I have work and think out of the box, I reject those statement. How can a child is not deaf and can’t talk ? If the child can hear mission impossible the child unable to develop speech.

In reality, they were many children yet to develop speech despite they were not deaf in this century. They were child who has speech but fail to comprehend the language. (Lack of language processing.)

Speech: So thankful, Hong begin to develop speech despite he is still behind his milestone in development. Hong has the ability to carry out instruction, he is able to trace the word in proper stroke. Lately he also pick up to recognise words.

Emotion: Hong did develop emotion, there were time when I approach him repeat what I said few times, he weep in tears. Since I knew this emotional of him, I seldom will ask him to repeat few time. When a child is in stress, the cortisol level of the child will rise up, this will indirect affect his learning capacity.

Organise : Hong is an organise child, he will make sure all thing centre is in orderly keep despite few time I purposely mess around the stuff. Yet Hong Hong still calm to keep it up. Did he obsessed in keeping the thing? In certain way yes. ….. will this obsessed get away as the time passed by ? I shall see …

to be continued ..

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