Year of 2020 passed by too fast. I have not been update my blog, however I have been enjoying to see the children that I work, they keep progress to achieve new development. I felt thankful for the way God has used me. I am grateful for God to heal them, each improvement is a miracle healing.
I won’t write about virus, I only can said be careful and take good care of family. If each unit of family will take good care of them selves, then indirect we are helping to resolve virus issue . Dream..

My grandmother story , a story that I alway retell to parents “ don’t think if your child is accepted into mainstream classes is not mean your child don’t have learning issues . There are many hidden learning issue in child development, how many of us will accept it?

I have school teachers come to say that their students attended 3 years in preschool, yet cant read and write, how ever these students are verbal. When a child is verbal, parents tend to think they are normalise child, how ever they may have hidden learning disorder. I have a student attended inclusive class for the past three years, how ever she fail to cope with the lesson in the school. Now the mother put her into my group learning.

Over the years I had came across various learning issues, one may be label as Autisitc, ADHD, ADD, GDD, Microcephaly, Genetic disorder and etc. All I know is this children needs help, they need to be better as the days goes by. Hence my lesson is design in according to the child’s need in development. Joyfuly to say all my clients has shown an improvement, some time it is out of my expectation.

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