Hong Hong – Dare

Hong Hong. 

Is lock down good for children with learning challenges ? Many of us has overlook the need of this group of children, however I am thankful Hong Hong did not regress. 

There were new development in him. 

Obsessed : Hong become more mature in emotion, he no longer rigid like before . Eg . When come to tidy up he has his way to do, I have my own way too. As for Hong Hong, when ever I don’t used the stationary box. He would prefer to put it back to the stationery shelf. I will prefer to put on the desk for later use. 

One morning I explain to him that no need to keep my stationery box after my lesson, I need to used for the next child. Surprisingly, he understand. He did not keep my stationery box after my lesson.

Recognise: It a joy to see a child who has limited verbal how ever is able to recognise word and understand instruction to carry out task. Feed back from his parents , now Hong Hong is more calm, he understand instruction more. His parent also cut down his screen time. If a child addicted to screen time, it may turn out the child is being control by the addiction instead of have free will to decide. 

Speech : Hong Hong is more initiative to speak out if he needed,  There were time I gave him new learning card with picture and word,many incident he is able to give the beginning sound of the picture. Something he yet to able to do in March.

Eye tracking, I have been very interested into the eye of the individual I talk face to face. I notice some adult don’t look at the eye of the person they communicate with. How about children ? 

How about to the children we communicate with . How often we checked their ability to visual track horizontally? Many children are walking around with poor visual tracking that is affecting their balance , reading skill, and learning .

Horizontal tracking is one of the first visual motor skills that appear during infancy. 

Our eyes help us perceive danger, if we are not able to video our surrounding well we may be in the more heightened state of stress, specially in the unfamiliar environment. We will experience more over reaction to sensory stimuli because our body is protecting us from unknown danger. I notice most of the children I had work with that had sensory issues, developmental delays, hyperactive , autism , ADHD, all this have horizontal tracking trouble .. which mean all stems from primitive reflexes being unintegrated. 

To be continued

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