CYang- Adventure 1

June 2020, I have the chance to work with CYang, CYang is age 5 this year.

Prior therapy:

Eye contact : I don’t see it in CYang, even i call him, he just do what he wants, he dont response to people

Independant : still mom’s prompting to go to toilet, will cry when he want something.

Verbal : Did not hear solid verbal except harming OMc Donald song.

Obsessed : He obsessed to Youtube song, obsessed to a particular book with animals, refuse to look at others material .

Reading, Writing, Counting, speech : yet to be developed

Post Therapy:

Eye contact and verbal : I notice CYang begin to response by look at you when you call him. He has also begin to look for playmate. I have a mini trampoline, for the first month, he don’t engage with me. Upon second month of therapy CYang begin to engage with me more, he wants me to hold his hand when first time he bounce on mini trampoline.

I also try to engage him with large garden trampoline. He completely refuse to be on the trampoline. Hence i just him be, I work on my other therapy lesson with him, i know for sure some day he will enjoy himself on the large trampoline. This day materialise , now CYang is able to control his postural reflex well on large trampoline even with i am bouncing with him. One evening as he was bouncing, I took a purple flower to show him. He stop to walk over to me to say purple flower and took the flower with him. Then i introduce yellow flower, he said yellow flower.

Independant : CYang begin to engage his mom when he wants to go to the toilet. His mom no need to prompt him. He also begin to walk by himself to the car after therapy lesson instead of his mom has to always hold his hand. On one occasion when his mom wants to leave the centre, CYang begin want to follow her, little will we understand he want to be on the large garden trampoline. Trampoline has indirect build up his confident.

When CYang wants something, he will take me and point to the things he want with an expectation I will give him. Again I will name the object that he wants with expectation he will copy what I say.

Obsessed : Does CYang still obsessed with a particular book with animal and You tube after two months therapy? Surprise CYang open up to other books. He even explore alphabets, I will introduce in randomly, after introduce in randomly I will ask him to point / to give me the alphabet that I mentioned to him . It is like the three periods in Montessori.

CYang come for the therapy twice perweek, each lesson is an hour .

to be continued..

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