KLipis – Class 5

Sept , 2020.

Time passed by too fast. KLipis has blend into the mainstream school. July he begin his therapy lesson after MCO / RMCO.

Feedback from his foster dad : KLipis begin to be very playful, the online lesson did not help him much. I have to retouch up him with my therapy for him to be activated to like and enjoy learning . Each child i use different approach, lesson is design to his needs. I could recall when i first touch KLipis’s hand, it tells me his hand writing has regress, not as neat and proper compare to before MCO in March. I begin to tell his dad about KLipis’s hand writting has regress. It was confirmed that he simply write, not as neat as before, his interest in learning has also regress.

It was amazing to see his positive attitude regain after therapy. I always put my self as model for him . To my surprise the therapy has also improve his memory to recall what he has learn . I am not just doing the therapy, I have to ensure he will survive in inclusive class.

to be continued …

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