5th Day of New boy Jack

Dec 8, 2011 is the 5th day of Jack in the programme.

Jack has not yet been properly diagnosed and labeled by the psychologist or occupational therapist despite he has been refered to them.

I have been observing him for 5 days in the centre. He showed a behavior of repeated patterns and was obsessive to certain toys.

Today I managed to break the repeated pattern. Yesterday I told Jack it is not good to repeat such patterns and he remembered it today and stopped doing it. It appears he is more aware of what he is doing. His is also less obsessive to his particular toy.

I take away his obsessive toy and do other activities with him. He is now able to focus in learning for about 40 min and his reading has also improved.

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  1. Strongly suggest adding a “google+” button for the blog!

  2. Very interesting details you have observed, appreciate it for posting.

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