Jack – Decreasing his obsessive behaviour

December 5-9, 2011. Time passes very fast.

Is Jack an autistic child? Well, he does has all the autism characteristics. Anyhow I am focusing on decreasing the obsessiveness of Jack’s behaviours. It is unacceptable in the society in general and such behaviour will lead him into his own world.

Jack has a toy bus, he has put all the toy animals into the bus. According to his parent, he takes the bus to look at it every night always with one kind of specific pattern. I allowed him to bring the bus to the centre. I work with him as usual. After much conversations about the bus, I begin to understand what those animals mean to Jack. He takes the animals to represent people. “People sit in the bus”. I told the animal’s place is in the zoo. From there I told Jack to remove the animals from toy bus one at a time. Eventually he took them all out by himself with minimal support from me.

Well many time, we as adult fail to understand children and thus we create conflict and misunderstanding. It takes time and careful observation and sometimes the way forward is not so obvious and an indirect approach may yield more success than a direct confrontation. Jack is less obsessive now, he is able to share his toys with other friends. He learned some valuable social skills.

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3 Responses to Jack – Decreasing his obsessive behaviour

  1. Betsey says:

    It’s good to see someone tihkning it through.

  2. vivien-lim says:

    Dear Betsey, thank you to visit my webpage. It is a real life experience to work with Jack.

  3. You have observed very interesting details! ps nice website.

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