Ruth – from the Human potential

Due to the privacy of the child and parents. I named the kid “Ruth”. It is a real life story of the child. This is the child I mentioned in the “Discovery of human potential” post.

Dec 16,2011.
Ruth is 4 years old. A little girl who has improved her speech skills: she now speaks with understanding and not parrot talking. Jan, 2011 When she arrived in the centre she was without practical living skills like putting on her own shoes, or putting on clothing, she even throw tantrums due to her frustration. She still wore pampers and was without speech.

Our society will label certain parents as “bad” or “poor” parents, but in reality Ruth has learning difficulties. Sadly to say, many parents will think time will heal their child, some parents will think when the child grows up he/she will recover. I thank Ruth’s parent to recognize Ruth’s learning difficulties and send her for early intervention.

I have been doing intensive early intervention with Ruth since the first day she attended my programme. She is on 3 hours per day programme on daily basis in holistic approach development, where I develop her physical, emotional and cognitive skills.

Ruth’s memory power is like a camera, her recalling system work much faster than “normal” children. When I put Ruth together with normal children to learn words and phrases she is able to remember the words much faster than other children. Her reading ability is far beyond that of the “normal” children.

Ruth has been put unto my rebound therapy lesson daily.

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