Jack – Adventure

Dec 20-23,2011. Another week passed by…. pre Christmas week day.

Working with Jack is like an adventure. From the first day of class I notices Jack is not able to respond when I call his name. He do not make eye contact. However through a series of therapy sessions, he developed a more alert response. During the Rebound Therapy session, off and on I will call his name. Once I call his name, he must respond with “yes teacher”. I told Jack I only call a person’s name one time. If he fails to answer that person’s Rebound lesson is over. It is like a conditioning rule to Jack. And wow this rule works well for Jack, he becomes very attentive when I conduct class.

Rebound Therapy lessons have been an adventure for Jack. Jack enjoys the bouncing very much. Originally I believe he was lacking vertical movement sensory, but Jack was able to learn the rebound movement fast.

As he bounces he becomes more confident, his speech also improved. He is able to interact more and asks more question. He always likes to ask “teacher am I a good boy”? My response is “yes Jack you are a good boy. You see now you are able to read”.

Affirmation and assurance has really motivated Jack to take further steps in his development. How many times as an adult have we failed to have this positive interaction with children?

In one of the learning times I have shown Jack a picture of a double decker bus. He told me “this is a bus”. I said “yes this is a bus” and “What can we put inside the bus”? Jack replies “People”. I told him “animals”? But he keeps firm: “People not animals. Animals live in the zoo”. That is how Jack now answers. His mnd is more clear now and he can take and hold a position.

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