Ruth – Human Potential – strong will.

Jan 3 to 6, 2012 … A new year and new challenges to Ruth’s development

This week, I have extended the hours of Ruth to be in the centre to facilitate learning of self help skills like eating and dressing. Ruth is a typical child and isn’t at all adventurous in food. I notices she had brought only two types of foods to the centre in 2011. She refused to try new food introduced to her.

At lunch Ruth refuses to eat and I allow her to do so. I am aware that she will get hungry if she doesn’t eat.I begin to give variety to food such as cake, bread, cheese, fruits eventually she did try.

During the late afternoon I offer her some cake. In 2011 she never even wanted to try the cake, but today she opens up and gives it a try. Amazingly she did eat it. It may seem like a little step, but for Ruth it is a step into a whole new world.

Ruth will focus on the book, she looks at it and when you approach her, she will begin to read with great attention. She understands what she reads, the number of the words she is able to read is amazing, to me it is well beyond what an average 5 years old kid can do. Remember, she was a child without speech when she first attend my program.

Compared to last year, I notice she begins to be able to control her finger movements and focus on the picture she wants to color. It is amazing that when I put on some soft baroque music Ruth is able to color very attentively. Perhaps the calm, repetitive and well structured baroque music “programs” her mind to be equally calm and focused on the task at hand.

Last year when I invite Ruth to join other children for tea break, she always refuses. However this year, when the children have morning tea break, Ruth came to join in. She is also able to interact and play with other children.This shows to me that Ruth begins to acquire the basics of social skills.

For sure, we still have a long way to go with Ruth, but the little improvements she shows in various fields give me hope that we may be getting closer to a breakthrough. That is the core of the holistic approach: the whole is more than the simple sum of the parts. Little improvements left and right may suddenly combine to much more.

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