Jack – attention span

Jan 3-6, 2012. It will be a challenge to further develop Jack this year after the 2011 year end review by the developmental pediatric on Dec 31, 2011.

Today I work on a method to increase the attention span of Jack. After a while he is able to sit for 30min to source or find out the thing I want along the process of word reading. One by one he did it … upon completing the 30min, he is able to recall the word I taught him.

Jack was not able to understand the concept of number and quantity. I use Rebound Therapy to work with him and now he begins to grasp the concept of math counting with understanding.

Jack is steadily improving his attention span. Today I present to him a jigsaw puzzle. Amazingly he recalled what the doctor (developmental pediatric) told him on Dec 31, 2011 when he went back for follow-up. Jack told me “Dr said I must look for the picture and slowly find another piece to join it up”.

I also work on numeracy and reading skil. I noticed his ability to recall the word has improved. There are times he will pretend he doesn’t know, but when continuing further he will read the words aloud.

Many people think water pouring is easy, but it really is an acquired skill. I have observed how Jack managed to pour water from a cup to a bottle without a funnel to help. I saw Jack filling the cup with water and holding it for a while. Then he begins to observe how the other children pour the water. Other children are able to control and have good coordination but not so for Jack. He tries to pour the water into the bottle; however all the water spills from bottle. So the bottle is still empty … then Jack takes another cup of water, he tries to coordinate to pour the water into the bottle. This time he is able to pour a little bit into the bottle. To me as a therapist, I will view this little improvement with great interest, as Jack begins to learn coordination and gets a feeling for space and manages to pour the water. Upon finishing the fun of pouring water, I invite Jack to water the plants in the pot. He waters the plants in excitement.

As an adult, many time we rush to finish a task, however a child will repeat the same process again and again till they master that skill. If children can be so dedicated and willing to learn, should we not give them all the opportunity to do so and not rush them and be impatient if they take their time?

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