Milah – Speech and focus

Jan 3 -6, 2011. Time passes by so fast. It was a great joy to see Milah is more confident after all the daily therapy sessions. Rebound Therapy has developed Milah to be more confident and eager to learn. Her speech is improving and she begins to recognize words. Her positive attitude has been a great encouragement to me.

The first day’s Milah and today’s Milah is totally different, the first day Milah is a Milah who doesn’t talk when I ask her a question. She did not verbally respond to me. But today’s Milah expresses herself in words. She responds with joy. She told me she loves the centre, “teacher’s school is the best”. How proud I am to receive such praise.

Instead of formal traditional pre-school programmes, I have designed this programme to include physical, emotional and cognitive developmental elements daily to flow with the need’s of the child.

Children like to play with water, so I play a simple game: transferring water from a cup into bottle. Wow, I just realized not all kids have the confidence to pour the water into the bottle since the rule of the game is no spillage of water. I could see the kids transfer the water with great attention. A lot of conversation among the kids, they feel so excited. Even Milah, she is able to converse with other children, her speech and vocabulary improve. She communicates more, also notice she loves Rebound Therapy. The movement in RT really develops Milah’s confidence, relaxation and fun.

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